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Hi, my name is Sharon. I have been painting windows for over 25 years and it has been enjoyable and profitable. Besides the freedom of self-employment and self-expression, Window Painting has afforded me other opportunities presenting themselves in the areas of banner work, poster art, permanent wall graphics, vehicle graphics, vehicle lettering and more.

I have done work for countless small and large businesses, business chains, county fairs, promotions at convention centers, theatres, churches, and even for Olympic game sponsors. During this time I have dealt with literally thousands of people from all walks of life and that alone has spelled

Another great plus for me has been that I have been able to work with my best friend and husband George and we’ve experienced many fun and wonderful memories together. We have even been able to work our business around the raising of our kids. This gave us more time with them that many people miss out on. It’s been wonderful!

If you are unsure what Window Painting is, let me clarify it for you…

It is the profession of advertising a client’s merchandise at the point of sale (that is, at the actual business location) on the glass by an effective explosion of color, wording and artwork whereby anyone passing by will be hard-pressed not to notice.

It is a visual 24-hour bold statement advertisement that remains until a client wishes to change it.

It is an extremely feasible choice of profession, especially today when businesses are downsizing and job security is shaky. Everyone in business needs to advertise and Window Painting is a wonderful instrument to attain this.

Even for those not looking to turn Window Painting into a career it is still a great source to quick, extra cash. For those in college, trade school, high school or while still deciding on a future vocation Window Painting is a fun and rewarding way to earn money.

I believe that Window Painting can be a direction used to point our at-risk youth that would give them something to strive for, something reachable. I believe that many already have the talent, albeit misdirected. I would be so humbled to be able to help even one of these kids.

I realized early on (when I couldn’t get any of the tight-lipped old timers in the business to give me any information) that I would have given my right arm (not my left…I’m a lefty) if someone would have taught me how to paint windows.

So, here is my book packed with over 25 years of experience and practical knowledge. I designed it to help get people past the many headaches of using the wrong techniques or tools so that one wouldn’t have to redo a work causing the loss of both time and money. I have attempted to simplify the understanding of the craft so others can tap into a market that, although very old, is still virtually untapped. There are just too many windows out there for George and I to paint by ourselves!!!


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